FMSB members

Based on their expertise, the members of the FMSB contribute to identifying risks to financial stability and to addressing such risks with adequate measures, as required. In fulfilling their functions, FMSB members are not bound by instructions received from their sending institutions. Reflecting the overall policy responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Finance, FMSB meetings are chaired by an official of the latter. The members of the FMSB and their alternates are nominated by their sending institutions and installed by the federal government.

Members representing the Federal Ministry of Finance


Nadine Wiedermann-Ondrej

Federal Ministry of Finance

Deputy Chair

Alfred Katterl

Federal Ministry of Finance

Phone: +43 1 51433 503020

Alternate members

Karin Fischer

Federal Ministry of Finance

Sigrid Part

Federal Ministry of Finance

Members representing the Fiscal Advisory Council

Christoph Badelt

Fiscal Advisory Council, President

Elisabeth Springler

Fiscal Advisory Council, University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna

Phone: +43 1 7201286 20

Alternate members

Harald Waiglein

Fiscal Advisory Council, Federal Ministry for Finance

Peter Riedler

Fiscal Advisory Council, Rector University of Graz

Member representing the FMA

Eduard Müller, MBA

Financial Market Authority, Member of the Executive Board

Alternate member

Helmut Ettl

Financial Market Authority, Member of the Executive Board

Phone: +43 1 249 59 6000

Member representing the OeNB

Gottfried Haber

OeNB, Vice Governor

Phone: (+43-1) 404 20-3000

Alternate member

Markus Schwaiger

OeNB, Director of the Department for Financial Stability and the Supervision of Less Significant Institutions